Welcome to Alternative Mobilities (short AltMo). AltMo was created as part of a master thesis project that asks the question, “how can we encourage alternative modes of transportation in our cities?” To contribute to this goal, a tool for measuring how accessible a particular region is by foot was developed. See below for specific case studies and to learn more.

Case Studies

City of Kiel

Planning Auto Reduction with Walkability Measurements in Kiel

Many cities are currently grapling with the negative consequences of cars in their cities such as traffic or CO2 emissions. Increasingly, cities are considering measures for reducing car dependence. In this case study, we look at how measured walkability may be a good tool for deteriming the best areas for such measures by using Kiel, Germany as a case study.

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Read the thesis

This thesis was written as part of a M.Sc. program "Sustainability, Society and the Enironment" at Kiel University in Germany. The city of Kiel, Germany is the focal point of the thesis, although methods contained within could feasibly be applied to other cities and regions too. Download the thesis to learn even more.

Read the source code

All of the code used to make the walkability composites is open source and available for everyone to use in their projects. Visit the repository on Github to learn even more.